Thank you for visiting the "About Us" page. After 11 years touring nationally as "Gallis Ministries," we had decided to focus on a more local level. This allowed Becky to return to school to earn her R.N. in Nursing better preparing her to care for our grand daughter Ellayna. Now with that accomplished, we are once again feeling the call to expand our borders once again. We have many Blessing to share, both in testimony and song.

After over 15 years in an active full time ministry we have countless answered prayers, and some not so public. We always seem to find those, for what ever reason, who have had to face their trials, just them and the Lord, against whatever odds the world throws at them. We too have stood in this place many times. Most recently, we had a "Special Needs" granddaughter born and know how it is to stand before the Lord crying out for His intervention. We also know the money worries that can come when several in the family have had medical bills that just keep adding up. We also know what its like to put that $5 in the collection plate, knowing that it amounts to 50% of the money you have until your next pay, knowing that the Lord will bless you for your faith in Him.

There stands the purpose behind our Ministry. We know there are many more out there looking for comfort in just knowing that God cares. When you need a plumber you look for experience, when you need a mechanic you look for experience, then why not come to a program where people are experienced with praying through trials and troubles. We may not have every answer, but we sure know the One who does.

It's not always easy to approach a loved one or neighbor and ask them for prayer, or to pray for them. But we know from our experiences that in a group setting many will come forward, and for those that don't they too can be blessed just by the presence of God thoughout the program.

Our programs have consisted of everything from special music and pulpit supply to full concerts. We have shared for many community events as well as others such as Christian men and womens groups. In the past, we have even been able to combine weekend events such as "youth lock-in's and concerts" with regular worship activities. God has given us a great outreach tool for you to use to connect with your communities, all we ask is that you take advantage of it.

Becky's music has been shared on "Family Life Television" in Kitanning Pa. as well as seen in Northern Ohio on the "Plus or Minus 60" program. On several occassions Becky has been seen on Sky Angel Satellite and for several years as an "On Air" talent for the KNLC New Years Eve Telethon in St. Louis to benefit the homeless there. We have shared our testimonies in over a thousand different settings, allowing God to touch hundreds of thousands of lives. All praise be to Him for the chance to share with you.


Dr. McNerny / Pastor Trinity Chapel Tampa, Florida "You really ministered to me, I was truly blessed!"

Pastor Alice Baldwin / Welsh Hills Baptist Church - Granville, Ohio "Becky's singing has made such a difference in her testimony since the first time I met her, she sings for the Lord, ABSOLUTELY!"

Gallia Seventh Day Adventist Church - Gallipolis, Ohio "It's such a Blessing every time Becky comes to our church.

Pastor James Hunt / Christ The King Church - Zanesville, Ohio "Becky is so anointed when she sings, it's the voice of an angel. She presents her message from the depths of her heart and allows the Holy Spirit to flow and minister through her!"

Pastor Randy Jones / E. Fultonham United Methodist Church - E. Fultonham, Ohio "God has truly gifted Becky with a beautiful singing voice. Her sincerity, coupled with a voice that has to be anointed, has moved many to tears of joy. I will not be surprised to see her break into the contemporary gospel music business."

Dr. Brian McGarvey / Nashport United Methodist Church - Nashport, Ohio "My music director ( Susan) told me after she heard Becky rehearse at her sound check, 'Her voice is beutiful!' I figured Susan would know. Now after listening, and being caught-up in praising God with Becky, I believe in her ministry and enjoyed the blessing I received that evening."

Rev. Brad Smith / First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) - Bucyrus, Ohio "We have come to a personal knowledge and sincere appreciation of their ministry through time well spent in outreach to the community. This has proven to be one of the most successful outreach programs for our congregation, which owes much to the Gallis' ministry."

Pastor Matt Blau / Kirkersville United Methodist Church - Kirkersville, Ohio "When Ed preaches, and Becky sings, in a worship service, it is a blessing to the entire congregation. Ed and Becky Gallis have my highest recommendation. Your congregation will be blessed for having them."

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