Rev Dr. Edward Gallis

Has been involved with several types of ministries over the past 25 years. He has worked with youth of all ages through different types of outreaches including coaching Little League, Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting. He was the Teen Youth Minister at his home church for several years. He had also served as a church camp counselor for two years.

He began his pulpit ministry as a District Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church. He was then asked to serve for two years a an associate pastor at Christ The King Church in Zanesville, Ohio. He was licensed and ordained there by their chartering organization Trinity Chapels of Tampa Florida, a Full Gospel Fellowship.

After 22 years as an "Over the road truck driver," an illness caused him to leave his career and follow God's call to full time service to Him. In 1996, along with Becky, he followed God's call and formed Gallis Ministries. He has since been licensed and ordained by the Universal Life Church of California, a non-denominational fellowship of believers, and also credentialed by James W. Hunt Ministries for his evangelistic work. He later earned a Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Universal Life Church for his years in Evangelistic Ministry.

He has been blessed to have carried God's message in many different denominational pulpits as well as non-denominational. He brings a fresh approach to the teachings of the Gospels, often bringing his own life's journey to his illustrations. Many have been able to relate the teachings to their own lives as a result. He is truly led of the Holy Spirit, as he gives God all honor and praise for what ever message he is given to share.

He has started and now moderates several online resources for special needs children. His ministry reaches world wide via the internet counseling parents of some very special children on how God is in control even when we feel very alone in our needs.

Rebecca (Becky) Gallis

Began her singing career over 28 years ago, when she sang to her oldest son Andy, lullaby's when he was a baby. She began her ministry 24 years ago when she started singing with her home church choir. It didn't take long to see God had greater things for her to do, as He quickly brought her into a local ministry singing at area nursing homes and with a local Quartet.

When her husband, Rev. Ed was diagnosed with a neurological disease, she closed her dance studios to care for him. Having owned her dancing schools for 20 years, she never looked at her singing as a talent, just another gift from God to share with His children.

After urging from friends and family, she entered a Nashville talent search for gospel music singers, where she finished in the top one percent out of over 3000 contestants. She was offered a recording contract by a record label, but after a trial period she felt led to follow the "mission" field rather than the "entertainment" one.

She has since shared her talents and gifts with tens of thousands of people during her travels across America and also around the world via Sky Angel satellite station programs. Her ministry includes serving with the teen youth group in their home church, church camp counselor, guest speaker and vocalist in a wide variety of denominational settings. She was also active in serving in the Boy Scouts of America, where she was a Cub Leader, Day Camp Director, and a Scout Master. Her ministry has earned her numerous awards and citations of merit locally and nationally for her work in God's service.

After returning to school three years ago she has now earned her R.N. and is employed as a private care nurse for her granddaughter Ellayna Gallis, who has been diagnosed with multiple syndromes.

Ellayna Elizabeth Grace Gallis

Although the newest member of the Gallis Ministries team, she is already a seasoned veteran having begun her travels with us before she could even walk. This little toddler, who used to like to play on the floor near the sound equipment, grew quickly into a curious little girl that liked to stand next to "Nana" while she sang. She ministered to crowds from Maine to Missouri on multiple occassions by being a witness as to the awesome power of God. This young lady that the doctors said at birth would not likely see day two of her life, is now a very active seven year old. She still loves singing along with her "Nana" and will someday be the lead singer I'm sure.

Ellayna lives in a constant state of pain due to her multiple syndromes. She has Proteus syndrome which is the major cause of her Hemihypertrophy throughout her body. It is an overgrowth syndrome that effects her legs, arms, and several internal organs. She also has CMTC which causes vascular malformations throughout her body and does cause her blood clotting issues for which she is being treated. She also has a Chiari malformation which is where her brain is slipping down her skull and crowding her spine.

God does get her through everyday as you will witness when you meet her and see nothing slows her down, even the 5 inch difference in her leg length due to the Hemihypertrophy mentioned above.