Since the beginning of our ministry we have always given free concerts and programs, so all may come and hear the "Good News" and share the time of fellowship. Ticket costs keeps out those who are at a low point and really need a touch from God. We pray that they will always hear His voice over ours.

We humbly ask that you consider allowing us to use your church or fellowship hall to bring these "free" programs to your community. If you know of another community building or shelter available where we can bring this program to your friends and neighbors please forward that information to us as well. We are not asking you to cover this, or pay a minimum. It's free! God has always covered our cost through "freewill" donations and offerings. These go 100% into the tour and ministry. No member of The Gallis Family or Gallis Ministry draws a salary from these programs. Your money goes directly into the service of God's Kingdom. We as a family give of our lives and talents freely for His glory.

For more info, to book a concert or program, please use the following:

Gallis Ministries
3715 Wesley Chapel Rd
Zanesville, Ohio 43701
Phone (740) 408-3537

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