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Stories Behind The Albums

The Naming Of The Albums

The concept of naming an album "The Ministry" was born during a conversation with a gentleman about why he never bought tapes or CD's. "They lack that feeling that the Holy Spirit is flowing like during a live concert or time of ministry," was his reasoning. So "The Ministry" is made from a recorded tape from Becky's time of sharing on a television station in Kittanning, Pa. while ministering live.

The second album recorded was "Witnessing God's Grace" which is made up of songs we used on our first ministry tour in the Eastern United States. Each song that Becky sings makes her list if it touches and reassures us in our own personal live. Watching these songs touch others when she shared them was an added blessing to us. So yes we did "Witness God's Grace" at work sharing these and hopefully they still carry a lot of meaning to those who still hear them today.

Her third album was "Feeling God's Warmth" and as Becky likes to say it's like crawling on Grandpa's lap and feeling his warm gentle hug. Our family has been through many trials just as most of you have, but it's been knowing God is holding us that has comforted us along the way.

Her first DVD titled "It's A God Thing" is named after Becky's favorite response when she is complimented on her singing. She has always given God the glory for all she is and does as she claims no talent as her own. Again each of these songs touched our hearts and brought us blessings that are truely a gift from God. It was recorded in two televised sessions of the "Plus or Minus 60" program at the studios of Denny and Marge Hazen in North Canton, Ohio as a gift to our ministry.

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